Shoes for CHOO!

H&M is one of my favorite stores for fulfilling my style needs at an affordable price. Every so often influential designers will design a limited edition collection for this affordable department store. Designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Karl Largerfeld, and Victor and Rolf, are all designers who have taken part in this trend of designer clothes for an affordable price. On November 14th, Jimmy Choo will be releasing an exclusive shoe and apparel collection for H&M. Now if I were a girl I know I would be camping out the night before to ensure I grab a pair of shoes designed by such an influential shoe designer. As amazing as this is, IT GETS BETTER! They are doing a men's collection!!!

Obviously I am trekking it back to Toronto to wait in a cold line-up in hope of grabbing a pair of those fierce suede boots. I went to the Roberto Cavalli opening about two years ago and this is what is looks like...

As crazy as it it...I LOVE IT! The rush of pushing and fighting for a piece of clothing ensures that what I'm buying is a HOT COMMODITY! Visit the H&M website to take a further look at the collection!!

Images from sidewalkisarunway.com and nitrolicious.com/blog/

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