It Takes Two

This Halloween brought forth the chance to haute couture my simple halloween costumes I bought at the costume store. The night before halloween I dressed up as a fisherman. I jazzed up my outfit by adding sequin tight biker shorts under the Columbia overall shorts I got at value village. My roommate Kirsten dressed up as the fisherman's friend and I pulled her look. The white skinny jeans, striped top and hat were all mine and I'm so happy I pressured her into wearing her yellow rainboots!

On the actual night of Halloween, my best friend and I dressed up as Batman and Robin. My costume was a kids costume I had customized to be more fashion forward. I cut the legs off of the costume and added a pair of leathery leggings. I also added a thick fierce brown eyebrow to animate my face. As aggressive as they were I loved it.

Overall, Halloween is a great time to be courageous and go crazy with your style. My adjustments to my costumes allowed me to come third place at a costume contest! It's all about adding your personal style to classic Halloween costumes. What were you guys for Halloween? Let me know...

Image from community.livejournal.com/modelcouture

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  1. oh boy, I do love me a fashion-y halloween costume! You did a great job!