Created in 2004, Oufoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, made viewers aware of how news truly is slanted. Fox News is one of, if not, the largest news corporation in the world. Discussion topics such as gay rights, terrorism, and in-depth coverage of the presidential election brought forth right-winged (Republican) opinions of the on-screen personas. What amazes me even more is how OBVIOUS Fox’s political stance is even when they say they are a “fair and balanced” network. With constant countdowns of when Bush will be re-elected into administration and bashing anyone who shows any sign of a non-Republican view, Fox is anything but “fair and balanced.”

The documentary incorporates specific clips from news broadcast to support the fact that Fox indeed has a slanted viewpoint. It was shocking to see how everyday a memo is sent out regarding what to report on, how to do it, and what to say (or not say). Furthermore, the emphasis on the reporting technique and style of Fox reporters showed how manipulative the news actually is. For instance, in Bill O’Reily’s interviews, it seems as if when someone doesn’t agree with what HIS own political views, he immediately tells the to “shut up!”

It is important to understand that Fox News has the money and power to say and do whatever they want. The conclusion of the film discusses how people should get involved and fight for a democratic and fair news trade. However, if Fox News is being politically influenced by those in office (which is discussed in the film), there is no other way to avoid what is put out on the air. The documentary merely opens minds to be aware and conscious of what is being said on the news.

In relating this to fashion, well it is kind of hard but here is what I think. In the previous presidential campaign Paris fashion week brought forth a message that should apply to all major media conglomerates: to dream. Maybe the concept of dreaming of a fair and balanced media outlet is what we need to bring back integrity and honesty within the news.

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