Planet of the Apes

Ever since Christopher Kane debuted his animal inspired Spring/Summer 2009 collection, buyers have been OBSESSED with the giant gorilla print dresses and tees featured in the show. A simple plain black tee with a giant gorilla or monkey face on it has certainly become a trend to watch out for. Christopher Kane's gorilla tees have a price tag of $300 U.S. dollars. Do you think its worth it?

After contemplating buying one of these pricey tees, I came to find that it was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! The only place I could find it online was on eBay with drastically raised prices. In the end I stumbled across a tee just like Christopher Kane's but for a fraction of the price. Amazon.com is where I bought my giant gorilla t-shirt for only $20.00. Yeah, the colours aren't as vibrant and the shirt doesn't stand out as much as Kane's does but it fulfilled by animalistic needs!

Look how my shirt blends in so well with the REAL gorilla print tee!

Images from Google Images under "Gorilla T-Shirt"

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