Touched by an Angel

It's that time of year again. The Victoria Secret Fashion show outlines the new holiday trends of under attire. Over the past couple years, the shows get more and more extravagant and I feel as with the whole recession scare, this show was lacking.

The over styled outfits and accessories took away from the relevantly cute undergarments. Furthermore, the innovative but unsuccessful angel wings, took away from the original wings the models sported over the past couple seasons. I feel as it this show has just become WAY to commercialized and that it has lost the angelic essence that it used to embrace. Moreover, these models are looking a little too skinny and even make me feel bad my body.

Sidenote: Behati (girl on the left) looks great! I saw her in New York this summer and she truly is a vision....

Images from: community.livejournal.com/modelcouture/

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