Jak and Jil is one of my favorite blogs to go on just because it outlines fashion editors, models, and photographers at major events wearing all the latest trends. When Tommy (creator of Jak and Jil), posted a photograph of Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, I was totally inspired by her look. The fur vest and Chanel bag matched with a simple "I Love New York" hoodie is the definition of effortlessly chic.

So I basically copied the entire look! I absolutely love my new fur vest. It was my mom's old mink coat that I had cut into a vest. It's so fierce. People on campus have stared and made rude comments about it but I don't care, London, Ontario, simplly does not know real fashion!

Check out Jak and Jil to see more close up outfits of people I dream to be when I grow up!!!

Sweater: NYC Street Vendor
Fur Vest: Vintage
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jeans: H&M

Image from jakandjil.com/blog


  1. Justin! You cut up a Mink coat!? I hope you told your mother before you did it, :P

    Anyway, you already know that I love that vest. Some people are so rude and obviously they live in a dark, unfashionable, cave.

    You totally pull off this look...show us more!

  2. OH NO! She did it for me! :P
    YAY I'm glad you like it! There are more pictures from this series too but it didin't go with the outfit comparison...

    its joseph by the way eeee its okay though you rock!

  3. i love it joseph!
    fuck london, ontario.
    yours is even better than homegirl's in the picture.

  4. Spotted Grace Coddington in the background!

  5. JOSEPH JOSEPH! whenever i see "JT" i think of justin timberlake. sorry, sorry, and lots of hugs.