Find a Gap

Recently I've been seeing a lot of editorials of Lara Stone, high fashion model, and I've been SO SO SO inspired by her gapped tooth. Although some may hate the fact that their teeth have been genetically separated in the middle, this characteristic of a model seems to embrace such a signature and unique look.

Lara Stone, Georgia Jagger, and Lauren Hutton are just some of phenomenal women who can grace this odd and special quality. What are your thoughts? Do you think you could work the gap tooth? Let me know what you think!!!


  1. Not everyone can pull off the gap tooth look and that's what makes your models above iconic.

    I smile too much, I laugh too much - I'm gonna look like the biggest dork of all time if I had a gap tooth to go along with that.

    You should talk about people with freckles and moles too - unique 'imperfections' that make them who they are. I thought L.Lo's freckles and flaming red hair were absolutely lovely but now she covers them up. The Monroe beauty mark has generations after her trying to copy her look.

    What do you think?

  2. Madonna has a gap tooth as well!