Cause All I See Are Stilettos

It seems as if the heels these days are just getting high and higher and more impractical. However, that impracticality appeals to my eyes! Here are 4 of my favorite heels from the Spring 2010 and Fall 2009 collections...

Burburry Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen Spring 2010
Nina Ricci Fall 2009 John Galliano Fall 2009

This is my definition of SHOE PORN! I think that pure essence of fantasy within all of these shoes just takes my mind off all of the worlds problems. Okay, maybe not that intense but they certainly make me happy. What do you guys think? Could you work Nina Ricci's heel-less shoe? Or John Galliano's tie up strappy pom-pom wooden heel? Let me know what you think!

Images from style.com


  1. i can't afford any of my dream heels yet as a student...someday though!